Our Business Focus


We empower you to effortlessly digitize physical objects using your mobile device, transforming them into 3D models that can be visualized through our 3D/AR Viewer.


We enable the digitization of your environment, whether through a 3D camera or your own designs, creating captivating Virtual Tours. Our VR Talk feature guides your customers through your space with ease, anytime, anywhere.


We elevate your exhibitions, leveraging our customizable 3D and Metaverse platforms tailored to meet your specific needs.


Experience the future, as we bring immersive AR/XR experiences to the physical world, unlocking new dimensions of engagement and interaction.

Our Use Case

Immersive Property

Transform a listing into an immersive digital twin, accessible anytime and anywhere. Our in-house immersive technologies create 4D virtual tours to help developers, agents and owners market property listings with much lower costs and shorter closing times.

Immersive Retail

Create a digital world with a fully immersive and interactive experience in a life-like 3D virtual store. Bring together physical and digital realms to provide a seamless retail customer journey. Our immersive retail solution makes the “in-store” shopping experience unforgettable and accessible from anywhere at any time.

Immersive Event

Let people all over the world connect with one another under one virtual roof! Our all-in-one virtual event platform helps companies build strong brand recognition in a true-to-life digital setting where they can expand access to the greatest number of potential customers in the most cost-effective way.

Immersive Education

Enhance the teaching and learning experience through greater engagement and increased retention. We develop innovative digital solutions in VR, AR and MR. Our immersive education solution includes a wide variety of VR/AR/MR and interactive content covering pre-school through high school (PreK-12), and up to the university level.

Immersive Tourism

Immersive Tourism offers life-changing experiences that broaden horizons and break down barriers, allowing travelers to engage with new cultures and environments in transformative ways.

Our Notable Clients