Sunday, March 7, 2021

Silversea Media Family Says “Hello!”

Silversea Media Indonesia — Immersive technology (4D/VR/AR/MR) is coming closer to our daily life. Silversea Media Group has its own operating teams spread in five countries (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia). We dedicate to serve your new virtual lifestyle and technology implementation to help your business grow.

Our main goal is to make this immersive technology (4D/VR/AR/MR) easier to access for everyone. For example, be it a B2B enterprise, B2B SMBs, academic institutions, government sectors or even to the scale of B2C business.

Silversea Media delivers affordable, easy-to-use solutions through two separate portfolios: SilVRgrow — VR for Education — and SilVRcraft — 3D/VR technology that bridges the offline to online business.

Transform your physical space to 4D model (VR Tour) by. Silvrcraft

Silversea Media Digitalize Space Solution, Silvrcraft Technology.

SilVRcraft employs an immersive media technology, using computer vision and highly specialized sensors, to create the next generation of visual content to boost consumers’ interactions on the Web, mobile and VR. In other words, users can experience real-time situation through virtual or digital interaction.

SilVRcraft’s 4D business applications include real estate, hospitality, event venues, retail, business promotion, entertainment, and heritage preservation. For example, consumer applications include virtual room design to support home improvement and furniture retailing.

Students experience silvrgrow VR FutureClass

SilVRgrow, The Education Solution.

SilVRgrow recognizes the potential immersive technologies hold to transform and elevate teaching processes and pedagogies. However, the implementation of VR technology in education is still small in terms of number.

Applying VR in education actually helps to generate superior learning outcomes, higher retention levels and improved test results. Meanwhile, the students also experience fun and game-like learning model to avoid boring and monotone learning process.

Our VR teaching platform and a VR programming portal (Growcraft) operate synergistically to infuse new educational models and teaching methods tailored for K12/STEAM courses. In addition, innovative and interactive VR immersion courseware in the classroom can help optimize the learning experience, entice students to remain engaged and focused on their studies longer and with greater attention to detail.

SilVRgrow can aid students to build the skills for a lifetime — in the classroom, the workplace, and society at large. We are redefining education as we know it.

Above all, we want to bring the future earlier with immersive media solutions to enhance virtual technology application to business and education. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to get to know more about this technology. Most importantly, we will surely welcome you with the best we could offer 🙂


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