Sunday, March 7, 2021

SilVRcraftTechnology: The Next BIG Breakthrough in The Real Estate Industry

Riding on the wave of new and exciting technologies, we foresee big changes and new players coming to the real estate industry. So, it is time to move on from the conventional modes of client servicing, F2F transactions, and old-fashioned showroom displays and join the exciting new world of smart real estate.

Technology not only makes lives of RE clients and agents easier by automating processes and calculating figures but can pave a new, cheaper and more convenient way to view properties and visualize designs and layouts. Instead of requiring significant time and effort to travel to far away showrooms and/or view designs on an uninspiring, flat 2D drawing, a SilVRcraft 3D Virtual Tour allows clients to remotely look and “feel” these designs as if they were physically on site. It comprises a distinctive, virtual 3D walkthrough that provides the realistic detail and experience of exploring a home without actually setting foot inside the property. Beyond just VR house viewing, a SilVRcraft 3D Virtual Tour can also allow one to carry out remote 3D measurement within the physical space. Such technology may remind one of sophisticated virtual worlds and holograms only found in big-ticket Hollywood movie productions, but SilVRcraft technology with these features remains affordable and available to anyone throughout the ASEAN region today.

Earlier this month in Hanoi, Century Real Estate Joint Stock Company (CenLand), Vietnam’s leading real estate enterprise, organized a spectacular and grandiose event to launch its new CenHomes smart real estate technology platform,

CenHomes seeks to perfect an artificial intelligence (AI) system to revolutionize the bygone ways of Vietnam’s real estate industry. It aims to create a whole new experience in real estate trading. CenHomes demonstrated the experience live on stage as event guests marveled at this breakthrough with the aid of intelligent virtual interactive screens (watch the video below).

SilVRcraft smart real estate technology featured at the CenHomes platform launch

The demonstration highlighted how the new CenHomes platform provides solutions to inveterate problems in the domestic real estate ecosystem, and how “Industrial Revolution 4.0” technology will also revolutionize how the entire real estate industry operates, bring more transparency into the market and revitalize transactions. In short, CenHomes goal is to help international customers and investors glean critical information, vetted by the CenHomes Team, for both buyers and sellers, including pricing data, construction status, and relevant regulatory matters, as well as utilize SilVRcraft 3D VR technologies to enhance the overall transaction process for key constituents in the property market.

Around the region, SilVRcraft Technology partners with groups like CenLand/CenHomes and other major property players in making use of new technologies such as VR to change the way real estate transactions are carried out and improve how agents interact with their clients. Our proprietary SilVRcraft 3D Virtual Tour brings convenience to customers and allows them to immerse themselves in the design instead of straining to visualize and conceptualize the vision of the designer. At the same time, it helps agents impress client prospects with an innovative, immersive and interactive 3D real estate experience — offering a clear competitive edge versus rival agents. With our user-friendly software and easy to use functions, creating a virtual tour is a breeze. The quality and dependability of the experience are assured with SilVRcraft’s state-of-the-art cloud software and algorithms.

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