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Virtual Tours to Increase Hotel Bookings

Virtual Tour Booking, The New Era of Internet Surfing

Virtual Tours Technology – The world of glossy, photoshop photos of idealized hotel rooms is coming to an end. Today’s visitors expect more and more transparency. They want to know exactly what will they see when they open the hotel room door. They read reviews and comments on Google, browse user-generated photos, and images on the search engine. At this point, they are expecting a new level of exploring. Then virtual tour comes as the next answer to their travel discovery. Moreover, when hotels with this virtual tour option, generate more bookings than those without.

Let’s take a look at these 5 important reasons why your hotel needs virtual tours.

1. First Long-Lasting Impression

They say first impressions are so important and that people hardly ever forget about them. So, why not leverage on creating a positive first impression on your browsing journey?

Virtual tours are eye-catching, as it gains users’ attention and keeps them stay longer. Characterized by being memorable, virtual tours lead an enduring visual and emotional impact during the users browsing session. Alluring and fun, virtual tours are the ultimate “wow factor” that consists of many value-added experiences. Furthermore, providing a cutting-edge marketing tool for hotels to boost conversion.

2. ‘Sticky’ Content That Sends Traffic to Your Page

Knowing how to create sticky content means thinking like a storyteller and a multimedia mogul all at one. Virtual tours are another example of sticky content that keeps your visitors longer on your page. You can get users to return to your website, hold their attention longer, and get them to stay longer. It is a successful mean of gaining new customers and retaining old ones, as it keeps them interested.

What’s more exciting is that the more they stay on your page, the less time they spend on competitor’s pages. According to the Pew Internet and Life Study, a site with a 360-degree virtual tour will receive 40% more views than those without. This is a substantial amount that can help your business ahead of each competitor.

Virtual Tours Infographics

3. Improved Online Search Results

Disruptive booking platforms such as Google Hotel Finder has put virtual tours front-and-center. Hotels with a virtual tour are flagged immediately in search results, and the tour itself gets prominent position on the hotel’s profile summary, where the 360 imagery of bedrooms, bars, restaurants, and facilities all appear ahead of traditional still photographs.

This might be because the ability to see a spherical panorama or a 360-degree photo of a viewed product is one of the most essential features when users are browsing online. Beyond that, interactive content can make the difference between first and second-page positioning in the competitive arena of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) where hotel businesses are struggling to take advantage of any boost in rankings. Virtual tours increase page views by 40% and keep visitors on-site for three times longer — all of which does not go unnoticed by the search engine crawlers.

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4. Interactive Experiences, Controlled by Customers

The decisions of what to view and when is on your customers’ hands. Essentially, they only view what is of their interest at their own pace as the website is tailored to different needs or priorities. Virtual tours serve the most efficient way of allowing visitors to interact with your property, without being physically present. Viewers can pan up, down, left, right and zoom in when appealed to look for further details. Customer’s interaction with hotels stepped up into a whole new level.

SilVRcraft’s Virtual Tour for Ascott Raffles City Beijing. Click to see more virtual tour showcase.

5. Increased Exposure and Direct Bookings

Easily shared via emails and social networks, virtual tours can be liked and spread around the globe at the distance of one click. Using a web link or a QR code, you can integrate the virtual tour into your website and other marketing campaigns. It is also possible to divide them into separate media to be used for advertising imagery.

When you make content more interactive, visitors are engaged for a longer period of time. This presents more opportunities for guests to explore your site, and for you convert browsers into bookings. However, all this will mean nothing if visitors don’t have an easy and immediate way to book the stay. You have just excited them with your virtual tour, so you want them to carry that enthusiasm straight into a booking.

The New Age Customer

While the customer is evolving and being pampered by the choices provided by these new intermediaries between customer and hotel, the rise of other inventory providers like online travel aggregators, metasearch agencies, and digital tour guides will also ensure that the business model on the supply side shifts. Virtual tours now comprise a vital piece of sales puzzle, as they are highly accountable for a significant amount of conversion rates.

A hotel is not a single product. It’s not just about the room — it’s about the facilities, the service, and the style too. Businesses with the confidence to throw open their doors to online explorers are the ones who will earn the trust of the internet-savvy traveler. This traveler of the future will be driven by experiences and a focus on value-for-money and will interact differently with the world.

Leveraging SilVRcraft Technology™powered by proprietary machine vision and AI algorithms, Silversea Media Group (SMG)delivers high fidelity 3D digital copies of physical locations, enabling end-user access from anywhere, at any time and from any device. With a proven track record of deploying immersive and interactive virtual tour experiences across Southeast Asia, we pride ourselves in the high quality of virtual tours.

In such a highly competitive market place, you have less than five seconds to grab interest and encourage further interaction. Our virtual tours maximize this crucial time, create massive visual impact, immediately showcase your space and encourage interest and action. Don’t wait any longer to start the effectiveness of this marketing tool.

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