Sunday, March 7, 2021

VR Tour & 3D Design: Bringing the Sumptuous Villa in Greece to Life

It is difficult to experience the splendour and opulence of beautiful hotels without actually visiting. However, we are not saying it’s not possible. Using our 3D design and VR tour, we are able to to bring the villa of Cape Kanapitsa Hotel & Suites to life. The property is situated on a private peninsula of an 8-acre property overlooking the magnificent Bay of Kanapitsa, Greece. It occupies what is undoubtedly one of the best positions on the island.

Our SilVRcraft Technology, powered by proprietary machine vision and AI algorithms, delivered high fidelity 3D digital copies of the room’s physical location. On top of that, we added a stunning level of realism to the property. Users can virtually walk through the villa and see a perspective amazingly different from photos or videos.

VR ready 3D virtual tours are the new frontier of immersive digital media that offer an online visitor an unparalleled experience.

The Sweet Spot of A VR Tour: Quality, Price, and Time

We have streamlined our processes to offer the fastest service in the industry. For this project, we managed to create different outputs (e.g a dollhouse view, floorplan, and a 3D walkthrough) just within two weeks. This is fundamentally quicker than building a flat showcase that can take months to create.

It doesn’t stop there. Our streamlined processes are not only fast, but also cost-effective. With only USD $2500, we were able to reduce costs up to 87%. In other words, our virtual tours are significantly cheaper than building a traditional model home.

Bring your listings to life with engaging experiences with SilVRcraft 3D virtual tour.

When marketing a hotel, every feature of the hotel needs to be experienced. With SilVRcraft, you can give a 360 VR tour experience to any buyer for any property without the large cost of typical 3D scanning services or building unnecessary model suites. The entire interactive tour process is quick to access through a simple website link. You can use the output link to share on any property marketing website or social media, making it easy to view and share.

Create a virtual tour of any property with SilVRcraft
With SilVRcraft, you get quality and affordability

For Cape Kanapitsa Hotel & Suites, this means their customers can experience the immersive VR tour from anywhere in the world. No more limitations of renting to local customers or international holiday-goers. Just click the link, view the tour, navigate it, and enjoy a true tour experience. You can jump past all the technical design, saving you days of work, and saving you money. Ultimately, our virtual tours attract qualified prospects and increase conversion rates on high-value properties.

See more of the project here:

“Silversea Media has been a pleasure to work with. I am confident that the end product was both high quality and well-priced. You’d be surprised at how just how quickly they can create amazing quality renderings. Big thanks to the team for the extra work that went in to the final products!” — Pinelopi Triantafyllidi, Founder and CEO of Synchro Capital, in partnership with Cape Kanapista Hotel and Suites.

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